Thursday, August 20, 2009

Robert Novak is Dead: The CIA Can Now Sleep Soundly

American hero and eyebrow aficionado Robert Novak is no longer stalking the streets of DC in his black corvette, running over homeless people. That should make it a lot safer for The Chain to cross streets during our days and nights of revelry. In honor of Robert "Bobby" Novak's passing, here are The Decemberists playing their song "Valerie Plame" at a campaign event for Dear Leader B. Hussein Obama.

Onward to our weekend glory!

Friday August 21

I realize I've been a little lackluster lately (alliteration MUCH?) when it comes to happy hours. That ends TODAY. I'm going with Circle Bistro in glorious Foggy Bottom (The West End? Who knows?). They have 1/2 price martinis and, boy oh boy, do they have great martinis. My personal favorite is The Kaiser Wilhelm. Mostly for the name, but also for the gin. The menu is here. Pick your favorite and then go drink it! Happy hour is only from 5:00-7:00, so it's a slim window to get some delicious dranks.

Little Miss Whiskey's is a place I've been dying to explore because the name is just so damn cool. It's located in an unmarked town house on H Street NE, so pay special attention to that address. In case you're lazy or a very old person, I've linked to a google map showing the location so you don't have to fiddle around with the google. U.S. Royalty is DJing and here is a link to their MySpace so you can listen to them but probably not use the listening as way to determine if you will indeed patronize LMW's tonight.

Saturday August 22

The BYT pool party is of particular note this week because it was, uh oh, RACIST. In a bizarre display of hipster ignorance or irony run amok, they decreed that this week the party theme would be Indian Camp! A bunch of white people drinking and frolicking around a pool at a party themed after a race of people slaughtered by white people! What could be wrong with that? Anyway, it looks like the Capitol Skyline Hotel, a place that is aware of how people don't like racist things (Glen Beck, Don Imus, Wyoming, etc.) ordered BYT to change the name. Or maybe someone realized what a shit storm this could kick up. Whatever. Now the theme is

OMFG August is Hot. Come to the Pool! Camp

Succinct. Well reasoned. Not racist. Check, check, and check. As always, it's $10.00 at the door. The music lineup will be choice with Bluebrain, Will Eastman, and some of the Fatback DJs spinning all afternoon from 12:00-8:00.

If you've had your fill of angry Natives and pouty hipsters during the day, my suggestion for the evening is as follows:
The BLISS dance party is pretty phenomenal. Will Eastman is the most fun DJ in Washington. There. I said it. Anyway, Yes Giantess, Codebreaker, Dmerit and cool visuals will also be in attendance to make this a damn fine way to spend your Saturday night. I have to work in the morning so sadly I will miss this. Please, go for me. Enjoy it for me. Black Cat Main stage dance parties make the world go 'round.

As a special side note, I'd like to thank all of The E-mail Chain's readers. We've been growing nicely since our first post. I'd also like everyone to know that The Chain has received traffic from Wasilla, AK and Chapaqua, NY. This can mean only one thing: Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton are E-mail Chain readers. I'll assume Sarah found it because of my bible verse post and Bill probably just trolls nightlife blogs in DC so he can have fun when he sleeps on the Secretary of State's couch. Again, thanks to all the regulars and of course to former Governor Palin and former President Clinton.

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  1. Circle Bistro por favor! I recommend the Top Shelf


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